What Does Hook Mean In Sports Betting?

There are a few different types of hooks. In general, a hook is a one-half-point adjustment to the spread. The price of the hook varies based on the line. A half point is often a big deal in football and other sports. The best way to get the best price on a hook is to open an account at several different sportsbooks.

In general, the price of the hook is a little higher than you’d expect. But the price is justified in a number of cases. The sportsbook may want to get you to wager a bit more.

The price of the hook is also a bit higher if you buy it in a game where there are a lot of pushes and pushes. For instance, betting on the Packers to beat the Vikings -3.5 is a bit risky. If the Packers win by 20 points or more, your bet is a winner. But if the game ends in a field goal, you’re out of luck.

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