Ontario Sports Betting Updates 2023

19+. Only real money wagering with a minimum of 1.8 odds qualifies for the promotion.
A minimum deposit of $10. Additional T&Cs apply.

Ontario bets

Sports Betting Ontario

The federal government gave the right to legalize single-sports wagering provinces in June 2021. Ontario became the first province to approve legal sports betting and single-game sports betting and wagering. Single sports betting has been legal in Ontario, the most populous province of Canada, since August 27, 2021. Now Ontarians can bet on their favourite sports and events. Many popular sportsbooks are live in Ontario now. 

Ontario sports betting

Ontarians can bet on their favourite sports like hockey, football, soccer, basketball, golf, baseball, and horse racing, amongst others. Ontarians can place bets on their favourite teams, for example, money lines, totals, spread bets, parlays, teasers, and futures.

Ontario is the first province that legalized single sports betting and took advantage of a change in federal law. 

Is online sports betting legal in Ontario Canada?

In Ontario, online single-game sports betting is legal now, but before that, only parlay betting was permitted in Ontario. Although fans love betting on sports, no matter the legality of the game, people place bets. 

The path to legal single-event sports betting in Canada also changed because of the everyday use of the internet. As various casinos started to provide their games online, so it was necessary to make sports betting online and legal so that it could help in paying taxes. Now sports betting is legal both in-person and online. 

Ontario was the first to launch sports betting in Canada, and the biggest sportsbooks wagering companies sported Ontario, such as DraftKings, Fanduel, etc. The implementation date of single sports betting in Ontario was April 4th, and now anyone older than 19 can place bets in Ontario. 

After the legalization of single sports wagering, iGaming Ontario collaborated with the government on the online wagering industry in Ontario to launch various sportsbooks in the province. On April 4th, online casinos and single sports betting were made available immediately.  

Is sports betting safe?

Security and safety of information

All licensed sportsbooks have high-end encryptions and are protected by SSL certificates to prevent data leakage. While illegal sports betting options can leak bettors’ personal data and passwords. As sportsbooks become legal now, they are responsible for data protection and cannot share and sell your personal data to any third parties. iGaming Ontario is responsible for the regulation of sportsbooks in Ontario to ensure safety and good quality for Ontarians bettors.

Money transactions

Not only that, legal sportsbooks have various withdrawal and deposit options and secure monetary transactions. iGO regulates sportsbooks to provide the safest withdrawing options. To ensure additional security, you can use Skrill or PayPal to get your winning amount, if you don’t want to give any financial information.

Responsible gaming tools

To ensure improved and quality betting for Ontarians, iGaming operators, make sure that the sportsbooks use responsible gaming tools to ensure responsible gambling. Responsible gaming tools help players choose deposit limits, playtime limits, and time out for them, helping them take control of their sports betting. They can monitor how much money and time they have spent on sports betting. 

These tools help players avoid problematic gambling by monitoring and limiting their sports betting activities and responsible gambling in the online gaming market. 

Identity verification

Because of the legalization of sports betting, the sportsbook can verify identity. Identity verification helps prevent underage children from participating in gambling and developing gambling habits at a younger age. It also helps to avoid money laundering and other criminal cases. 

Ethical advertisement

An online sportsbook must only engage in an ethical advertisement according to the online sportsbook standards provided by iGaming. 

All the legal sportsbooks like DraftKings, Fanduel, BetMGM, Bet rivers, bet365, and others have these features to ensure the safety of the information of online bettors. 

AGCO and Ontario sports betting

The alcohol and gaming commission of Ontario (AGCO) is responsible for regulating the gaming, liquor, horse racing sectors, and cannabis in accordance with the public interest. The alcohol and gaming commission of Ontario plays an essential role in the regulation of single-game betting and event wagering in Ontario. 

In Ontario, it is necessary or the sportsbooks to get registered with the alcohol and gaming commission of Ontario and managed by iGaming Ontario or OLG (the Ontario lottery and gaming corporation) to provide services of legal online sports betting in the Canadian sports betting market.

What AGCO is doing to protect players for a better betting experience?

The regulatory framework of sports betting is under AGCO, so the sports, internet gaming, and lottery sectors must meet the standards of AGCO specifications. Sportsbook must meet the conditions to ensure quality betting services for Ontarians for responsible gambling. These requirements minimize and eliminate the chances of game manipulation and insider betting. 

Some of the requirements are following.

  1. Sportsbooks must have operators who monitor any suspicious wagering actively. 
  2. Ontario sports betting operators should engage independent integrity monitors (IIMs) to analyze, receive, assess and distribute betting alerts that are unusual and suspicious according to the Registrar’s Standards. 
  3. They must take strict measures and actions to prohibit insiders like referees, coaches, and athletes from betting on sports events according to the alcohol and gaming commission of Ontario.
  4. The alcohol and gaming commission also ensures that the sport and event are organized by the acceptable betting criteria and are not unusual or suspicious. 

How to start betting in Ontario?

Online sports betting allows Ontarians to place bets online via smartphones, tablets, or computers. Now there are various legal sportsbooks through which bettors can place their bets sports betting industry. Moreover, Ontarians can also bet on online casino games. There are various legal sportsbooks in Ontario sports betting market for betting like Fanduel, Draftkings, Pointsbet, Bet365, and more. 

To bet on the sportsbook, you must download and install the app on your mobile phone or laptop or use the web version. After that, you require to get registered on the website of the app. Finally, you need to deposit a monetary amount, and then you can enjoy placing bets on your favourite sports. Sportsbooks offer apps for Android and iOS. 

Live Ontario sports betting

The operators also offer live betting in which the live updates and odds are provided on the app through live streaming and bettors place their bets live and enjoy game watching.

In Ontario, sportsbooks not only provide online betting, but you can place in-person betting as well. For that, you need to go to the sportsbook and then register yourself there.  

Types of Sports Bets Offered at Top Ontario Sportsbooks

Bettors can enjoy a wide range of bet categories. Some bets are best only for a particular sport. For example, a spread bet is best for NFL or football games, but we mostly don’t use them in hockey. Here are some of the most popular types of sports betting.


Moneyline wagering is simple; in it, you only bet on the winning team, unlike other types of betting. For example, if we consider Toronto Maple leaf playing with Montreal Canadiens, the lines you see are -290 for Toronto Maple Leaf and +240 for Montreal Canadiens.

Plus odds

In sports betting, odds plus odds mean that the team has fewer chances to win the game. In the above example, the Montreal Canadiens have fewer chances of winning the game.  

Minus odds

In sports betting, odds minus odds mean that the team has more chances to win the game. In the above example, the Toronto Maple Leafs, with odds of -290, have more chance of winning the game.   

In the money line, if you bet on Toronto Maple leaf, you will risk 290$ to win a 100$ bet. But if you place a bet on the Canadiens, you will risk 100 $ to win 240$. Sports with draws or ties have a three-way money line in which a tie also has a price. For example, in soccer, you have a betting option to bet on a match even if it draws. In hockey, the tie of the match also has a price tag attached to it. 

Live Betting

In live betting, you bet on a sport that is in progress. Suppose you are watching the Yankees vs Toronto Blue Jays, and the Yankees are losing the game, but you guess that the Yankees will have a big inning according to your knowledge of the game. Many sportsbooks offer live betting in Ontario, and maybe your sportsbook also provides a live bet on Yankees to win at +120. So you can place your live bet and win the money between the pitches. 


You can combine two or more bets in parlays. To win the parlay, you must win all the bets placed in the parlay. You will lose all the bets in the parlay if you lose one bet. So you must cash all the bets in the parlay. Parlay creation is simple; you can create it by any combination of money lines, totals, straight bets, and prop bets. Not only that, but you can also combine bets on different sports like you can make a parlay by combining totals on the Blue Jays,  the Toronto Leaf’s money line, and the New England Patriots -7.5 vs Buffalo Bills. Parlays are considered the riskiest bets because losing one bet will lose all of your money. However, if you combine more bets with higher odds, the result would be fantastic, and you will get a higher payout. 

Spread Bets

Sportsbooks provide spread bets to get equal betting actions on both sides of a sport. For example, if the Indianapolis Colts are a -4 points favourite against the Houston Texans, it means that -4 is the spread. If you place your bet on Indianapolis Colts on the spread and want to win your bet, then your favourite team should not only win, but also it should win by 4 points. If the team wins by 2 or 3 points, you will lose the bet because the spread was -4. 

Spread bets are not simple bets like money line where you just bet on winning or losing. These are riskier than the money line because the team needs to win by specific points; otherwise, you would lose your bet.

Over/Under bets or Total Bets

The bettors are required to bet on the game’s total score, and then they guess whether the teams will make a combined score over or under the predetermined points. Over/Under bets are also known as total bets because bettors bet according to the total score. You don’t need to guess the exact score in Over/Under or totals bets, but you have to guess whether the score will be over a predetermined value or under the predetermined value.  

For example,  you want to place a total bet on the combined scores of the Boston Celtics vs Toronto Raptors, which have a total of 200 points. Then you will place the bet either under or over these points. If you believe that both teams will make a combined score of 201 or above, you will place your bet on over, but if you believe that the combined score would be under 200, then you would place under bets.  


Future bets are the bets that typically wager on specific events, awards or series. For example, if the odds for Toronto Blue Jays are +8000 to win in the world series, you can place a 100$ bet to win 8000$ if Blue Jays win. 

Prop Bets

Ontario sports bettors were previously restricted from making single-player, props bets. But now it is legal in Ontario to place prop bets. Prop bets are wagers that appear as though the number associated with the wager will increase or decrease depending on whether or not a specific event takes place. In prop bet that event may or may not be attached to the game’s actual outcome. Like a money line, it is like a two-sided bet having odds on both sides.  Multiple choice props having odds for all options are also present in prop bets. 

Popular sports to bet on in Ontario

Bettors can decrease the risk of losing by placing single-game bets on popular sports leagues like MLB, NFL, NHL, and many others. Here’s a list of the greatest sporting games that Canadian sports betting companies offer. Five professional sports teams are present in Ontario. Ontario has two franchises in the NHL and there are two hockey teams named the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs.


Moneylines and totals are the most popular types of bets that bettors usually place on NHL. It is very similar to betting on the MLB except sportsbooks provide puck lines; in a puck line, you can bet on a 2.5-goal spread. You can also place bets on a three-way money line where you can bet on either winning or losing team or a tie at the end. 

Hockey betting is legal in Ontario and a lot of sportsbooks provide various betting options. Some of the betting types for NHL are live betting, period betting, alternate lines, parlays, exotic wager, money lines, puck lines, totals or over/under, futures, prop bets, and grand salami. 

NHL live betting

Live betting is another option for NHL, and various sportsbooks provide this option in Ontario. You can place in-game betting through various apps.

NHL period betting

NHL odds in Ontario also include betting on three periods in the game, each period consisting of 20 minutes. Bets you make on these periods are specific for that period only. 

Sportsbooks provide betting options individually for these three periods. Splitting these periods into first, second, and third periods allows bettors to bet separately on each period. The first period is most prevalent in NHL period betting. After this period, bettors decide if they want to place another bet on the second or third period according to edges.

NHL alternate lines

By betting on the underdog in NHL, you can get a higher possible payout on your bets. If the underdog beats the favourites by two or more goals, you will win the bet. It is riskier, but if you are confident enough and think the underdog can win, you can place NHL alternate line betting. 

NHL grand Salami betting

It is the total bet or over/under bets taken to a new level. In the NHL grand salami betting, you will place the bet on the total score for the entire slate of games being played in the NHL. Oddsmakers posted a predetermined amount, and bettors then placed their bets over or under that amount. 

NHL exotic wagers

Exotic wagers usually revolve around a specific event and are similar to prop bets. 

In Ontario, popular Hockey teams to bet on include:

1. The Toronto Maple Leafs

An Ontario team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, is supported by the masses and is very popular. Because more people support them, this team might not be the best betting option, which means their odds will be priced less by sportsbook odds makers in Ontario.

2. Montréal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens, also known as the Habs, are from Montreal. Montreal Canadiens compete in NHL as a member of the Atlantic Division of the eastern conference. 

3. The Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators are a professional ice hockey team based in Ottawa and is the first hockey team in Ontario. 


The Toronto Raptors have been popular in the last few years and won the NBA championship back in 2019. This progress energizes the interest of the Canadians in the NBA. 

The NBA season is long, starts in October, and remains until late July when the final occurs. It’s a long betting opportunity to make a lot of money. But before you place bets, you must know the type of bets you can place on the NBA.

NBA offers the following types of bets: spreads, money lines, parlay/teasers, 1st quarter/1st half, halftime, and futures.

NBA spread bets

The point spread in NBA sports betting could be as small as one point, or you can also find 15+ point spreads. Most basketball games are in between these values. You can see the alteration or shift in the spreads up to game time after the initial odd release. If the odds for the underdogs, the New York Knicks, are +2.5, and for the favourites, the Toronto Raptors, are -2.5, then this means Toronto Raptors can win their game by two points, but if this happens, you will lose your bet. Meanwhile, if you bet on New York, you can win your bet if New York loses by one or two-point or if they win by any point. The favorable odds symbol always indicates an underdog, while the negative symbol always means a favourite. 

NBA Moneylines

Moneyline odds for the NBA are sometimes drastic when a most effective team faces off a relatively lower-level team. For example, in a usual money line bet in THE NBA, the money line odds for the Golden State Warriors are +600, and for the San Antonio Spurs, odds are -850. The Golden State Warriors are the underdogs, and the Spurs are big favourites in this match. That means you need to bet 850$ to win 100$ on Spur and you will win 600$ if you 

bet only 100$ on Warriors.   

NBA Totals

Basketball is a high-scoring sport, so the odds are higher for total bets. For example, the total bet on NBA may have odds of +220. So you have to place an over or under bet according to your guess.

Quarter/1st Half Lines

The duration of an NBA game is about 48 minutes. These 48 minutes are then divided into four 12 minutes sections. Before the beginning of the game, wagers can place bets on the first quarter or first half-line of the game. Unlike total bets, where you can place your bets on the whole game, in this case, you can bet four different times on a ¼ part of the game. Different trends can develop as the game progresses, but if you can guess the game at the right time, you can receive higher payouts. 

Halftime lines

Most experienced sports bettors change their bets and see it as an opportunity to make more profit. It is available at halftime only. To bet on halftime, bettors consider the happenings of the first halftime line. 

NBA parlay bets 

Like other sports, you can place parlay bets on the. You can add money lines, spreads, and total bets to win higher payouts. In a parlay, you must win all the bets in the parlay to win the payout.

NBA teaser bet 

Teaser bets are the same as parlay bets; the only difference here is that bookmakers will give you points to increase your odds of winning, decreasing your overall payout.   

NBA Future bets

NBA future bets are placed on which team will win the championship of the NBA. Future bets are even available at the beginning of the season. The future bet odds alter as the game progresses. Only eight different NBA teams have won the championship in the past thirty years. Also, a bettor can wager on different teams to receive a better payout. Most bettors usually place their bets on the dark horse team because of their higher odds. 

In Ontario, Popular NBA teams bet on

Before placing a bet, it is essential to know about the best teams to bet on in Ontario. The best place is to check the performance f the teams in the last season. Currently, the Milwaukee Bucks team is the NBA champion, and before this team, the NBA champion was the Los Angeles Lakers team. The Golden State Warriors team has been playing incredibly in recent years. Two teams, named the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics, achieved the most wins, with 17 wins each. Some of the best Ontario sports betting NBA teams to bet on are the following.

Toronto Raptors

The Canadian basketball team named Toronto Raptors is based in Toronto and contends in the National Basketball Association as an associate of the league’s Eastern Conference Atlantic Division. Toronto Raptors is a strong team and it has defeated  Golden State Warriors in the 2019 NBA final and won the NBA championship. 

Golden State Warriors

An American basketball team based in San Francisco, the Golden State Warriors, contend in the National Basketball Association as an associate of the league’s Western Conference Pacific Division. They won the NBA championship seven times in 1947, 1956, 1975, 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2022. They also won the Basket Ball Association of America (BAA). 

The other famous teams to bet on basketball in Ontario are the Raptors 905, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Boston Celtics.


MLB season contains 162 games and starts in late March or early April and continues till late September or early October, followed by a post-season that ends in November. So there are lots of options for online gambling for Ontarians in the Ontario market. 

MLB’s most popular bets are money line and total bets; there are also MLB Run lines to bet with a 1.5 odds run the spread. Bettors can also place total bets, prop live bets, and future bets in major league baseball sports.

MLB run line betting

The standard spread for MLB run line betting is always 1.5, which means that the favourite will have -1.5 odds, and the underdog will have +1.5 odds. To win the bet on favourites, they have to score 2 or more, while to win the bet on the underdog and to receive parlay, it is necessary that they win the game by any points or lose it by one point.

Run line betting is similar to spread betting, but the main difference between teams is spread points; in simple spread betting, the spreads may be more than 1.5 times more than this according to the team’s performance. 

MLB alternate run lines

Although run lines have fixed 1.5 spreads, sportsbooks also provide alternate run lines where you can place bets on higher spreads. Depending on the odds provided, you can bet on favourites with higher spreads that may be -2.5 spreads or -4.5 spreads. Alternate run line odds provide a higher payout because the spreads are higher. 

In Ontario, the best MLB teams to bet on

  • Toronto Blue Jays
  • Ottawa Titans
  • Ottawa Lynx
  • Toronto Mape Leafs


There are several options available in NFL for single sports betting. The NFL is a popular sport to bet on, and various types of bets are available on NFL. The most popular bets placed on NFL are NFL spreads, future bets, and totals. Moreover, NFL round robin parlays, NFL pleasers, NFL team props, player props, super bowl props, draft props, and free-agent props are also included in a wide variety of NFL betting options. 

NFL money line

Many beginner sports bettors usually choose moneyline to bet o sports as it is easy and has odds that are easily understandable and easy to guess. Moreover, it does not require deep game knowledge and in-depth study like point spread bets and others. 

NFL point spread

Mainly point spread is used in NFL betting in which bettors bet on points by which the team is predicted to win or lose. For example, Kasana city is favoured to win the game by 10 points, which means they must win by 11 points, or the underdogs must lose by 9 points to win the bet. 

NFL Over/Under total bet

Bettors are required to bet over or under the combined total score of both teams in order to win the bet. Over/ Under betting is also considered a good option in NFL betting by experienced bettors. 

NFL Proposition bets or props

Proposition Bets are placed on any event during the game; it may also include the events that cannot even affect the outcome to keep the excitement and joy of the game throughout the match. There are various types of proposition bets. Like player props, these bets are placed on a specific player, and his stat totals how many games he would win or lose. Similarly, there are team props where bets are placed if a team wins its division or conference. Also, the bet includes the name changes in the team, win totals, and muscat.

Next is the NFL Superbowl props, which means the bet will be placed on the things happening during the singing of the national anthem that which referee will be shown on the screen first, whether or not a fan will move into the ground etc. 

NFL Teasers

NFL bets are similar to parlays, but the difference is that bettors can choose the point spreads according to them. The sportsbooks themselves set the points allowed to be changed and adjusted. 

Who Can Bet on Sports in Ontario?

In Canada, sports betting and gambling are governed by provincial laws, and the provincial government sets its gaming age. In Ontario, the legal age to bet online is 21 years. The main focus of the gaming commission of Ontario is to provide improved betting quality with safety and usage requirements and limits for bettors. 

Online sports betting is safe because it’s legal, and you will not face any frauds related to payment withdrawal and other problems like leakage and selling of personal data that were common during illegal sports betting. 

So make sure to follow the rules and only place bets on the sportsbooks that are legal in Ontario and provide correct information of your age while making the account on the sportsbooks sites. Otherwise, your withdrawal payment might get stuck in your account, or your account might get banned.

Legal Sportsbook in Ontario


DraftKings Canada is now available in Ontario, so you can sign up and start betting with DraftKings Ontario right away. To finish the registration process, new customers can now download the DraftKings Ontario app for Android and iOS devices. It allows them to access all of their features at the touch of a button.

The procedure of signing up with DraftKings Ontario is relatively simple. Make sure you have your ID card and personal details like your complete name, email address, home address, phone number, and residence address on hand. Your private information will only be used to verify your identification by DraftKings Ontario.

Being an utterly legal sportsbook, you can confidently sign up with DraftKings Ontario. In Ontario, DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports is no longer accessible.

After a few profitable wagers, you’ll be qualified to begin making deposits and withdrawals once you’ve enrolled with DraftKings Ontario. All of the popular payment options are available at DraftKings Ontario, including debit and credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers, to name a few.


FanDuel is one of the best and most vital options in online sports betting, and it is one of the first sportsbooks that arrived in Ontario on April 4th, 2022. FanDueel is the official sports betting partner with iGaming Ontario. Its user experience is smooth and ranked as a top-rated sportsbook in terms of its desktop and mobile app reviews. 

There are many betting options like future bets and spreads provided y FanDuel. Money withdrawal and transfer options are also fast and have an easy-to-use user experience.

The Score bet

TheScore Bet is a reliable virtual sportsbook that provides an excellent user experience and a wide range of sports betting options. TheScore Bet has finally become legal in Canada and is ready to serve Canadian bettors of all types as one of the first brands to launch following the market shift on April 4, 2022.


Caesars already runs a highly profitable casino in Windsor, so its brand awareness and popularity are well established in the province. Caesars has long owned and operated casinos in the United States and Canada, and its success has now extended to its online sportsbook. 

Following its acquisition of William Hill, the company accomplished this by launching its new and enhanced Caesars Sportsbook app and website in August 2021. Caesars Sportsbook has been rising in the ranks in the United States and is ready to do so in Ontario because of fun promos and a smooth-running system.


BetMGM is a sportsbook owned by MGM Resorts International (one of the world’s largest gambling corporations) and GVC Holdings (one of Europe’s major gambling companies). Its brand familiarity is backed up by its stability. BetMGM has competitive pricing, stable software, and a wide betting selection.

BetMGM’s resources will allow it to flourish in fascinating ways as it extends across Canada. On April 4, 2022, the brand officially opened in Ontario, bringing its casino and online poker offerings and its world-class sportsbook. 

Bet Rivers

BetRivers launched in Ontario on April 4, 2022. Both the BetRivers mobile app and website provide an exceptional user experience jam-packed with sports markets and events, several bet types, and current incentives. And, unlike most online sportsbooks, BetRivers has a loyalty program through which users may earn extra points when placing all of their bets.


In Canada, the brand went online on Day 1 on April 4, 2022. When using the mobile app or website, bettors will find several promos, a large selection of sports markets and events, and various bet options. Aside from sports, Unibet provides its jam-packed iCasino to Ontario, which includes live dealer options, endless slots, table games, and more.


The self-proclaimed “most transparent sportsbook in the world” was the first non-US sports betting firm to launch in Ontario on April 4, 2022, at around midnight. Coolbet is a legal and regulated single-game wager in Ontario’s new iGaming market history. 


Following the April 4th market transition, bet365 has formally switched to Ontario’s regulated market. This European-based bookmaker had already supplied its services to Canadian bettors through its grey market operations for many years. Any pending wagers in any grey market bet365 accounts will be refunded and canceled as the company completes its transition on April 3, 2022.

In terms of the product itself, bet365 provides a high-quality mobile app and a desktop solution that complements one another. They provide everything from player props to futures to Same Game Parlays, and their options are constantly expanding. With bet365 now licensed and approved by the AGCO, Canada’s sky is the limit.


PointsBet sportsbook has been working in Ontario since April 2022. You can easily use PointsBet as it offers a wide variety of bets and provides generous rewards to its users. Apart from offering a quality mobile user experience, PointsBet offers a specific and unique point betting system. This form of betting is risky but has higher payouts and rewards.  

Ontario Sports betting apps

Ontario sports betting apps provide several benefits to bettors and are a great addition to Ontario sports betting scene. The apps that have significantly changed the industry are Draftkings and Fanduel.

Convenience is one of the key factors driving Ontario sports betting apps. Mobile phones are lightweight, portable, and readily available all over the world. They also don’t need many parts to function. This facilitates the online gambling process and also enables mobile wagering for customers.

Ontario sports betting apps provide privacy to sports fans and protect their online data after the legalization of Ontario’s sports betting market.   

Single-game sports betting strategies

As you get more familiar with sports, you’ll undoubtedly develop the skill of game-handicapping, which involves computing point spreads and totals and then comparing your findings to the betting odds of actual betting markets.

That’s incredibly beneficial, but how well you handle your money will determine how much fun you ultimately have. You must understand how to find the most excellent pricing, timing different bet kinds effectively, and how much money to set aside for the wager.

1. Sign up for multiple online sports betting platforms

As many betting sites as you can, register with. When you place your bets, getting the most outstanding deal is essential. A half-point or point added to a spread can increase the chance that the wager will win by 1% to 2%.

2. Try to shop the lines

Shop lines whenever you can because you will always receive the best deal using this method. Some websites and services will list all the open markets.

3. Follow a betting strategy

There isn’t a single winning betting strategy out there that ensures winning. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that a betting method is without value. You should feel confident about how you’re approaching this. Consider that you enjoy placing NFL Unders wagers.

Possibly develop rules or rely on a betting strategy that plays specific Unders. In the short term, betting results vary, but over the long run, they mean-revert.

You will probably perform better with a more haphazard approach if you maintain confidence in your strategy and discipline in sticking to it.

Ontario Sports Betting FAQ

Is CFL popular in Ontario?

The only significant professional Canadian football league and the most well-known is the CFL. One of Canada’s most significant sporting events, the Grey Cup, which serves as its championship game, draws enormous television audiences.

Are Ontario sports betting apps legal?

Yes, Ontario sports betting apps are legal in Ontario and various sportsbooks offer sports betting apps. Bettors can place bets any time from the online sports betting app on their phones. 

What are the two largest daily fantasy sports operators in Ontario?

DraftKings and FanDuel are the largest daily fantasy sports operators and both of them operate in Ontario. 

Can anyone make sports betting account in Ontario?

Yes, if you are 19 years old, you can legally place bets in Ontario and make your account on sportsbooks. 

Is there any legal Ontario sportsbook?

Yes, there are many legal Ontario sportsbook that provides their betting services to Ontarians.

Legal Sportsbooks & Betting Sites in Ontario:

📆 Timelines For Legal Sports Betting In OntarioApril 4, 2022
📆 Legal and licensed iGaming in Ontario is officially LIVE! Ontario sports betting is available online to anyone 19+ years of age and within the province’s geographic borders.

Top-Rated Ontario Sports Betting Sites in 2022

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